Real estate investing is just like any other profession, you will get as much out of it as you are willing to put into it. The potential for earning a great living is there if you are willing to work hard to achieve success. The key to success however is not just to work harder than the other agents but to work more creatively and smarter than your competitors.

Printed ad materials such as leaflets and newspaper ads are expensive and many agents will shy away due to the cost of this form of advertising but a single sale will more than cover your marketing budget and will get your name and property in front of thousands of potential customers. In addition to selling the property in your ad, you are marketing yourself and your services and this is a great way to reach customers who are drawn to conventional advertising.

In addition to the printed material, it is a good idea to market online. Having a single ad on the Internet will reach millions of people all across the globe. You will never find a media with a more broad reach. For that same reason, it is critical that you create appealing, clear and informative ads for online marketing. Being easy to navigate and user friendly will ensure that potential clients look at the entire ad and understand the benefits of working with you.

Regardless of the media that you select for marketing, be sure to include a list of added benefits that you bring to the table. Remember that you are marketing a property as well as yourself. Mention your knowledge of the area, previous sales in the area, knowledge of renovation and repair costs and the large number of successful real estate transactions that you have managed for your clients.

Many of your clients will be looking at your properties for their investment potential. To have additional training and course work in real estate investment is a great benefit. It puts you in a position to speak as an authority on the subject to potential buyers. Not only are you offering them a great property with good potential for profit but you can also offer information about resale as opposed to leasing or long term renting. You can explain in detail the options that they have for the future of the property and how that can help them to build their long term wealth.

Visit to see a great example of a site and a firm that offers more to their customers than just real estate representation. Providing information, mentorship and detailed analysis of properties will make you an even greater asset to your clients. Your hard work, investment of time and your commitment to offering your client more than just basic real estate transaction services will set you apart from the crowd and make your earning potential limitless.