Are you in the market to sell either your primary Arizona home or an investment Property but not sure where to start? Are you afraid that it will take the house a long time to sell? Have you ever thought about “staging” your house to attract more buyers?

how to stage your house arizona

Staging your house is one of the best things you can do to attract buyers. When people walk into an empty house, many of them can’t get a good sense of the actual size of the rooms without any furniture. Many of those people can’t “picture” their own furniture in there and how much room will be left over once all the furniture is in. “Staging” your home that’s for sale in Arizona also doesn’t have to be expensive. For around $200, you can stage almost the entire house. Places such as ROSS and Marshalls offer great decorations at half the prices of many other stores. Buying and installing bathroom curtains, pictures, towels, fake flowers in and around the house is a couple hours’ worth of work and can pay off big time.


For stating to be truly effective, you need to follow these 3 simple tips.


  1. De-cluttering: Clean up, clean up, clean up. Remove any old magazines and newspapers around the house; throw away all trash and debris, dust off the entire house including windows and baseboards.


  1. Organize. Organized home will show much better and may sell much faster than one that is not organized. Fold all clothes, towels and any other belongs you have neatly. Keeping your closets and rooms organized will make them appear larger when potential buyers come walking in.


  1. Make It a Model Home: Your goal is to de-personalize your home as much as possible. If you have family pictures and personal belongings, put them neatly in a box. The goal is for buyers to be able to picture their own belongings and pictures on the walls. Clean up kitchen and properly organize everything you can. Remove any small appliances from the kitchen counter top.


Your goal at the end will be to imagine yourself as a potential buyer. What will you like and dislike about the house. Try to remove or fix the things you dislike if at all possible.


Getting your house market ready can cost you several thousand dollars. Don’t be alarmed by that as your house will most likely sell faster and possibly save you thousands of dollars of holding and insurance costs.