It is very possible to invest in the real estate market with no money down, you just need to find the right seller who is motivated to sell and willing to work with you. What you will need to be willing to invest is your time and effort to learn about the real estate market, the investment process and how to find a property that will make you a profit. Armed with that knowledge, you will be ready to find a seller who is willing to work with you to complete your first purchase.

The easiest way to get into real estate investing is to assume a loan or mortgage. This means that you are taking over the payments for someone else’s mortgage. In some cases, you would file a request with the lender to assume the mortgage and then the property is transferred into your name. If you can’t qualify for the assumption, then you would begin making the payments but the house would remain in the name of the original homeowner.

If the seller is not willing to simply hand over all of the equality that they have in the house, then you might need to pay more than just what is still owed on the mortgage. In this case, you assume the mortgage but you also take out a second mortgage to pay the owner the amount they want to reimburse them for part of the equity. You might not have much luck getting a second mortgage on a property at a local bank but most mortgage lenders are very familiar with this process. They know that you are only financing against about 60-70% of the current value of the home so giving you the second mortgage is a safe investment for them.

You are not going to be able to jump into a conventional mortgage without a down payment. But if you are willing to invest your time and effort, you can certainly find a seller who will be interested in working with you on a less conventional sale. They want to get out from under their debt and are hoping to salvage some of their credit rating which makes them a very motivated seller. To be certain that you have selected the right property for your first real estate investment deal, visit to learn more about the process and speak with the team of professionals who would be happy to work with you as a mentor on your first few purchases.