Everyone wants to make more money. No one is sitting at work thinking that they should really take a cut in pay. We all believe that what we do is valuable and that we should be paid well to do our jobs. But if you have even higher aspirations for greater wealth, then you begin to look for outside the box ways to generate more income. This is how many people have come to be real estate investors. Not everyone in the business is a realtor or builder, some were truck drivers, tradesmen or doctors who decided that they wanted to make more money than their career could provide. So they turned to real estate investing either part time or full time to make the money that they really wanted.

So now that they have found their cash cow so to speak, they just need to decide how they will choose to manage it. Will they buy every underpriced property they find and have ten renovations going all at once? Why not if each investment of $100,000 gets a return of say $20,000? But you need to remember that not every deal will go smoothly and that not every deal will make your margin. You always hope they do and you try to budget correctly but there are just some deals that don’t work out and you are glad just to break even. The point is that quantity is not always the right answer, and sometimes it is the absolute wrong answer.

Especially when you are just getting started in real estate investing, you will learn from each deal and each transaction. So investing some time to make well educated purchases that will turn a respectable profit is the best plan to build a solid foundation for your investing business. Real estate investing is not a get rich quick business but it is a business that can provide you with a means to amass substantial wealth over time. The secret is to prepare well and invest only in good deals that will make a nice profit but hold little risk. One big deal might hold the potential for four or five or even ten times the profit that you normally make in a single deal, but if it goes bad it could put you out of business. That is not a good risk to take when you are just starting out and learning the business.

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