When surveyed, over half of the Americans who responded confirmed that they were somewhat or very dissatisfied with their jobs. That is a huge number of people to be getting up every morning and dreading what awaits them at work. That translated to over half of the people that you come into contact with each day being unhappy. No wonder we have road rage and anger issues abounding. It begs the question, what can all of these dissatisfied people do to find a rewarding and exciting career and why haven’t they already done it?

The answer is sad. Most people don’t really pick a career, it picks them. We all have grand plans but most start with getting a job that meets are immediate needs of food, shelter and a few other necessities. We plan to move on shortly and find a better job or to learn a new skill. But all too often, that time never comes. Weeks turn into months and those turn into years. At some point we realize that we have years investing in a job that somehow morphed into a career that we really don’t care about, but it’s too late to start over. Seniority, raises and history keep us in the position that is comfortable and pays the bills.

But what if you could learn a new industry or skill while you still worked that 9 to 5 job to get a paycheck? What if that new skill let you start out small and grow into a job that you enjoyed and offered you financial independence? You would be crazy not to do it. So think about learning the investment real estate business.

A big part of this business centers on research and learning about the properties and the market in your area. Looking at the “for sale” listings, MLS and the foreclosure listing is something that you can do during your free time to get a feel for the current market. Everyone knows that you want to buy low and sell high so learn to spot the most affordable homes in the most desirable neighborhoods. You might even want to go to a few property auctions to learn the process and see how the auction winners are getting the properties they want at such a reduced sale price.

And when you feel that you are ready to consider making your first investment in real estate, visit www.azrealestatewholesale.com to learn about all of the great information these real estate investment professionals can offer you. Having a realtor to guide you through the first few transactions can mean the difference between making an awful purchase and making a wise selection that results in a nice profit on your investment. Invest some time in learning the industry and fulfilling your dream of a rewarding career and financial independence.