Real Estate Investment Tips from the Pros

Modeling your investment strategy after that of Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham and Irving Kahn is a smart choice. These investors and many more have investing principles based on value investing and if it has worked for them on such a large scale, then you have a great model to follow. First, it is important to … Continued

How to Profit from Rehabbing and Retailing

Retailing is the process of buying a house low and selling it high. A big part of the process can be making renovations and repairs to help increase the value of the property. This is the most basic method of investing in real estate. It can be a great part time income for someone who … Continued

Taking Charge at a Foreclosure Auction

Foreclosure auctions have grown in popularity since the downturn in the real estate market. With huge numbers of homes in foreclosure, these auctions became an efficient and expedient way for lenders to sell repossessed homes and get their money. The auctions focus mainly on selling to investors as the general public normally cannot meet the … Continued

Buying a Bargain at Auction

If you are looking for a great deal on a profitable investment property, then you will want to consider purchasing from an auction. These properties are being sold by mortgage lenders who have been forced to repossess a home, housing associations or are homes that have remained vacant after the owner has passed away. Whatever … Continued

Profiting from a Fixer-Upper

There are many real estate investors whose business model is to buy low and sell high. They look for distressed homes that they can buy quickly and at well below market value. Most of the time, these homes are in need of repairs and renovations when they are purchased and that is all part of … Continued

A Long Term Plan

If you are looking for a long term creative real estate investment plan, then rehab, refinance and cash out might be the plan for you. It works best in a buyers’ market where the housing prices have remained flat or are dipping. This long term holding strategy will provide you with income for many years … Continued

Using Comps to Set Your Price

When assessing a property’s value, many investors and real estate professionals refer to the comparable sales in the area. These comps tell you exactly what other similar properties have sold for as well as the asking price. You can find a few comps in your area and be able to pretty clearly establish the market … Continued

Why isn’t Everyone a Real Estate Investor

We have all heard the tried and true stories and fool proof plans for how to make a killing investing in real estate. But the real truth is that if it was as easy as buying low and selling high, then everyone would be doing it. All of the best plans are nothing more than … Continued

How to Find the Right Real Estate Investment

If you know that you want to invest in real estate and you are beginning to ask questions such as where to invest, then you are on the right path. Smart investors don’t just buy the first run down property that they can score for a few grand down and a really tiny mortgage payment. … Continued

6 Tips for Successful Real Estate Investment

Real estate investment, just like any other business, is about experience and learning what the long time pro’s do to keep making money. But unlike other businesses, in real estate the learning curve can be costly. So learning lessons from seasoned professional’s advice is the way to learn before you lose due to a poor … Continued

Tips to Buy Real Estate and Stay on Budget

If you are considering buying a property in Phoenix but you have a tight budget, you will want to take advantage of these few tips when you are looking for properties. Nothing can replace the benefit of using a seasoned real estate professional but these tips can help you and your realtor to locate a … Continued

Buying a Home with Little or No Money Down

Buying a home is a great accomplishment but it can be very difficult to save enough for a convention down payment. 10% of the value of a home in today’s market can be a big chunk, and some consumers just don’t have the money when they are ready to purchase. But there are a few … Continued

Negotiating Real Estate Deals On the Internet

Communication skills, cooperation and the ability to create trust are all important skills you will need to negotiate a successful real estate deal. People skills, a personal touch and forming a connection are all important for each deal because of the value and emotional attachment that we all place on our homes. Even in an … Continued

Ways to Locate Investment Properties in Arizona

If you are interested in finding an investment property, then you need to think outside the box to get a good deal. Understand that everyone else who is looking to invest in the Phoenix real estate market is looking at the MLS listings, looking in the newspapers and driving around looking for signs. So you … Continued

Buying Site Unseen

Most buyers would tell you that there is never a good enough reason to buy a property without ever seeing it. But that is not true. It’s never really about what the property looks like, it’s about what you paid for it in comparison to what it is really worth. In other words, if you … Continued